Welcome to the site of Spiritual World!

Who are the people behind the “Spiritual World”?” “We”, that’s Maria and Tonny, mother and daughter.
At least, that was the text that was written here, since we started the website in 2007.
In the meantime, everything changed. On 22 July 2017, at the age of 91, my mother was picked up by her Angel and she returned to the Eternal Source she came from.
It changed my whole life, because she was not merely my mother, she was also my greatest friend, she fully supported me and she was my soulmate.
Our shared past remains. And of course I will continue on the path we chose so long ago.
For nearly forty years, we have worked together: spiritual healing, spiritual matters in general, we guided spiritual discussion groups and meditations, helped people interpret their dreams, often we neutralized disharmonious energies in homes of people, we conducted counselling on death and dying and often we helped people with a severe disease to prepare for their death.
Our shared past remains. And of course I am continuing to walk the path we chose so long ago.

Actually, everything we do, was and is based on our belief in (or knowing of) an “existence” after physical death.
However, it is absolutely not our intention to impose this belief on others.

We have responded to thousands of requests for help. We have dealt with many health complaints and other problems.
From the moment someone contacts us – for a consultation, for bereavement counselling or otherwise – we trust the “higher guidance” and a connection is established between us and the caller. Our method is always a harmonious combination of spiritual guidance, intuition and common sense.

During many years people asked us to write a book about the clear and practical lessons we received from the spiritual world and about our experiences on the spiritual level.
In 2007, we responded to these requests and under our spiritual names we wrote our book, entitled “De Andere Wereld … en wij” (The Other World … and Us”). The title of the book already says a lot about its contents.
Unfortunately, the book has so far been published only in Dutch and German. An English version does not (yet) exist. But one never knows what the future holds.
The first edition consisted of 500 copies, of which some 450 have been sold.

In the book “The Other World …and Us” there is a regular mention of the so-called “Christmas messages” that we received from our spiritual guide Shanoré at the end of each year. These messages are also only available in Dutch. Some were translated in German.
However, if there is sufficient interest, I am prepared to translate a message into English.

Our spiritual work often took us far beyond our national borders. Thus we travelled to people in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Italy.
Some people seeking help, live too far away, but here Skype is a godsend. I use it to communicate with people in the United States, Germany, Italy, Romania and Moldova.
I have already shared a bit about what I do, but I will list some things below, with a brief explanation.
(I can communicate in Dutch, English, German, some Italian and some French).

Healing for me means: Spiritual Healing by RAISING AWARENESS.
Priority is to make people aware of the reason(s) for a disease.
Why is it there?
When did it start?
How can you handle it?
Find the (spiritual) cause of your illness and you will be able to find the cure.

In relation to healing, our spiritual Guide, Shanore, gave us a method for a 9-day Water Purification Cycle, which is meant to purify EMOTIONS from your past. So, not your memories or things that acutally happened to you, but the EMOTIONS that are linked to those events.
You can download the document here.
Please read the important additional information on the document very carefully.

HOUSE PURIFICATION/Getting energy back in balance
At some point, you may notice that something is not right in your home. You may hear noises, that you didn’t think were there before, sometimes the lights go on; or one electrical appliance after another breaks down. Sometimes people suddenly have frequent arguments with each other when they did not have them in their former home, and sometimes other things happen as well.
For most of these phenomena there is usually a normal explanation. When someone contacts us about certain phenomena in a house, we will therefore always look for a natural explanation first.
If the possibility exists that it could indeed concern “supernatural” phenomena, an appointment will be made. We examine/view the whole property, plus possibly garden and garage. Often we discover that energy is out of balance. We prefer not to use the word “negative”, because we believe that everything that happens has a purpose and therefore something is no longer negative in our eyes.
For the same reason we speak of unconscious spirits and not of bad spirits.
Obviously we cannot simply travel to distant countries to do this. However, if absolutely necessary and required, I will do that, we always travelled to where we were needed.
If a journey is not possible, I will always try to find a solution that brings peace, together with the people seeking help.

What exactly does this mean, to counsel people who are dying, people with a terminal illness?
This part of the spiritual work differs from everything else I do. It is often incredibly difficult and intense, but at the same time it is also incredibly beautiful, to be able to become a part of the most intense and emotional experiences that can occur during a person’s life. Every time I can help someone leave pain and fear behind, every time someone, surrounded by their loved ones, can take that final step with confidence, it makes me humble and deeply grateful.
What exactly do I do when I counsel on death and dying?
I would like to emphasize that the word “terminally” ill does not feel quite right. It doesn’t feel right to use it in relation to my work in this area. Nor do the words “guidance on dying”.
The words don’t cover what we do. We do not counsel dying people, we counsel living people, who at some point in their lives are confronted with a life-threatening illness.
The counselling – in the form of conversations and giving energy – can take place over a shorter or longer period of time. The duration of a conversation, the frequency and everything else depends entirely on the needs of person requesting the counselling. Day or night makes no difference.
Sometimes there is only need for one single conversation and sometimes we will have a conversation once or twice a week for two years and have frequent and intensive contact with the person(s) involved.

At the request of the person(s) involved, counselling/guidance can take place up to and including the actual moment the person lets go of life, the moment of transition.
During and after the funeral or cremation, conversations with those who are left behind are possible at any time.


Helping people interpret their dreams (via Skype, e-mail or telephone, preferably as soon as possible after you had the dream (meaning the same day, during telephone access hours, local time).

Guiding/helping people to raise their level of spiritual awareness (using Skype, e-mail or telephone and sometimes Facebook).

Most of you know that my mother, Maria, received a prayer from someone (around 1956) to heal burns.
During her life, she helped hundreds of people with this prayer, people who had suffered burns from hot water, fire, grease or oil etc. The healing through this prayer is miraculous.
Due to the serious illness of a family member, we found out that this prayer works just as wonderfully for people who have suffered burns because of radiation therapy for cancer. If you know you are going to have radiation treatment, you can call before the first radiation treatment starts. There is no charge, just a phone call. And I will explain how it works.
Fortunately, this prayer was not lost after Maria’s transition. She passed it on to me several years ago.
If a burn occurs, all you have to do is call me as soon as possible after you have been burned. You can call outside of normal phone hours, day and night, just as soon as possible after the burn.

For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation (if you live near Maastricht, the Netherlands or possibly via Skype), please send an e-mail.
Of course you can also contact me by phone. Please see page “contact” for the telephone number and hours to call.

In loving memory: MARIA STEIJNS

My mother returned to “the Other World” in 2017, but of course she will always remain inextricably linked to my life and my spiritual work. Everyone who knew her will remember her as an extraordinary woman who always smiled, a beautiful woman, on the outside and on the inside. Her loving personality and charisma are unmistakable, even if you never knew her.